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Simple Insurance Policy Verification Process

Simple Documents List:

1. Simple Funding Company Verification Fill-In-Form

2. Notarized Beneficiary Assignment

3. Insurance Company Beneficiary Claim Form

Fill out our Simple Verification Of Insurance Policy Coverage Request Fill-In-Form. Click Here To Download

Fill out the Appropriate Insurance Company Beneficiary Claim Form.                                    Click Here To Download


Call The Appropriate Insurance Company.  Ask The Insurance Company Representative the Following Six Questions And Inform Them That There Is An Assignment  And Funding Verification Request Form and They Were Already Faxed To The Insurance Company.      A.  Who Is The Beneficiary?   B.  Will The Insurance Policy Cover The Funeral Bill Amount?   C.  Is The Insurance Policy Contestable?   D.  Was The Insurance Policy Reinstated Within The Last Two Years ?   E.  Is There A Loan On The Insurance Policy?   F.  Does The Date Of Birth Of The Insured on The Insurance Policy Match The Date Of Birth On The Death Certificate to Avoid An Age Discrepancy And Change Of Insurance Coverage Of The Insurance Policy?

Fax All Above Documents With Any Insurance Company Correspondence to The Appropriate Insurance Company.

Fill out our Simple Single or Multiple Notarized Beneficiary Assignment Fill-In-Form. Click Here To Download

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